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Patrick Aalto Photography

Online Video Lessons

Click on a button below and enjoy a brief introduction to skills

ISO:  Enjoy this short video introducing you to what ISO is and how important ISO is to using the camera to its max potential

White Balance:  To control your camera's white balance, in simple terms, is to control the color of the image you are creating.  Be introduced to White Balance with this short video.

ApertureComing Soon - Aperture controls not only the volume of light coming into the camera, but also helps control depth-of-field.  Watch this ___-minute video to get a glimpse of what your camera's aperture can do for your images.  

Shutter SpeedComing Soon - Controlling the sense of motion is important when telling your story with photographs.  In this ___-minute video, learn how much creativity can be added to your photography when you can better shutter speed.

Aperture Video
Shutter Speed Video
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